OLA S1 PRO - Gen2

Hello All,

Can you guys please post the range you are able to get from this vehicle

my vehicle consumes 40kwh /km on an average

100 to zero for a single rider is only 60kms for a 4kW battery

is it only me ?

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kindly mention avg speed you’re riding

try with full charge only between 35-50 speed in normal mode and person should less than 70kg you will get range of 130-140km in single charge

check the Tyre pressure and things in your Storage.

full charge with proper tyre pressure, normal riding speed (30-50Kmph) and Assuming rider weight of 70Kg with empty Storage you may get around 200KM (recently one of the member posted this with Hyper mode)

what should be the tyres pressure

70%change 107 kmpl