TATA tiago making noise

Recently purchased a tata Tiago ev MR on 17th Aug. Today I covered the maximum distance of almost 120 kms since the purchase of my car. After reaching home I instantly plugged it for charging with 26% battery still remaining. As soon as the charging started the car started making unwanted noise from underneath the bonet. The noise was similar to the noise made by the engine of a petrol/ diesel car. The car was supposed to be silent as usual but the noise continued for almost 20 mins then it stopped automatically. What was the reason behind this problem? If anybody else faced the same issue or have any idea on this please help me out.

Whenever car is plugged for charging usually fan gets switched on. Noise can be of the fan.

If noise continues to be load get it checked one with service centre

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It will be good practise that after we come from an ride we should give 5 to 10 min than start to charge evhicle . So that cells can cool down and give good battery health