Want to use higher amp battery .. need controller advice

OK I have a 60 V etrike. I currently have a 60V 32ah battery installed with a 1200 watt controller. I want to put a 60V 100ah battery in this for better range. Will my controller handle this? Is there some kind of amperage limiting device I need to install on the output of the 100 ah batteries? Any help is appreciated.



Its always a good approach to install current limiting devices at output as well as at input of any hardware these devices can be as small as MCB or a fuse.
And as mentioned you are using a controller of 1.2KW and based on your battery rating your controller will drain up to 20 AMPS of current.
And if your controller was working properly in 60V ,32AH battery than it should work the same way for 60V 100AH battery.
And for safe side in between supply line use some sort inline fuse of 20AMPS this way it will protect your controller as well.